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I know I started on the Dark Cabal but I had been struggling for a while to figure out a way to make this heroine and it clicked so I posted her right after finishing her.

Sabrina was a typical secretary working in a typical office in a typical high rise building in Mons, Belgium when a nearby fight between Blood Harpy and Warhead against ISF members Gravenger and Solarra damaged her building. As the fight progressed the building became unstable and being 17 stories up, it was hard for Sabrina and her coworkers to escape down the stairs. Warhead caused the building to fall to enable the villains escape and Gravenger tried to keep the building from crumbling using his gravitation powers. The strain proved to be too much and as the building fell Sabrina’s GorWol trait of Geokinesis manifested. Unknowingly she caused a protective cocoon for herself and her coworkers using the buildings concrete. Sabrina lowered the concrete cocoon safely to the ground and then collapsed from exhaustion. Solarra and Gravenger brought her to ISF HQs where she was tested and trained. She declined permanent ISF membership but did accept associate status. Sabrina, taking the name Tremor, then began a year hiatus traveling across Europe and gaining better control over her powers. Along the way she helped the ISF thwart the Dark Cabal and even fought Golem to a standstill. Tremor is a geokinetic and can psychokinetically manipulate earth and rock for various purposes, including reshaping rock, causing earthquakes, or altering its basic consistency. She can bend earth and make it wiggly, soft, hard or smooth, change the texture. She can trap her targets, create rock barriers, shields, slow her opponents down by changing the earth beneath them and create tremors in the ground. She can create formulated earth blasts, fly by projecting a lump of earth beneath her and telekinetically surf in the air. Tremor can also encase herself with rocks for shielding and when encased her strength increases to lifting 20 tons.