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Not much is known about the hero Azu Etlu. He encountered ISF Team Alpha during their war with the Dark Cabal off the coast of Madagascar. The Dark Cabal had taken over a nearby island as a launch site for a spore bomb targeting Africa. During the battle Azu Etlu assisted ISF member MEGATEK in defusing an underwater bomb. Azu Etlu declined full time ISF membership but did accept associate membership. Azu Etlu usually stays near Madagascar and the Eastern African Coast battling poachers, pirates and polluters. When there is an ISF mission in the ocean Azu Etlu is called in to help. Azu Etlu is a hydrokinetic. He can project water blasts, shape and control water (and to a lesser extent other liquids), is able to survive in deep areas of the sea, and even breathe underwater. He can manipulate and alter the molecular state of water, being able to manipulate the surrounding water in the atmosphere, freeze water, or even make really thick clouds of mist, steam or fog.