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Dean Castillo has always been the largest and strongest person in his village and worked as a school teacher in his native Belize out in the countryside. He was always the gentle giant. When economic depression hit his village he left to find money elsewhere. He traveled to Texas and found employment as a carnival strong man. He did this job for a year until he saved enough money to attend graduate school in the US. A week before his studies started Dean was robbed in Dallas. During the robbery his GorWol trait manifested and he accidentally punched one of the would be attackers in the chest, caved in the chest and killed the robber. The others fled in fear but with Deans savings. Despondent over what he did Dean turned himself in to the police. At trial his public defender was replaced by a high priced Dallas criminal defense attorney and Dean was found innocent of murder. After the trial concluded Dean was approached by Power Stryke and Stargazer with a new job offer. Dean accepted the ISFs invitation to join and he became the muscle on the reserve team. Dean is a powerful biokinetic. He has increased strength in the 40 tone range, increased endurance and durability. Due to his passive nature Dean is not a fully capable hand to hand combatant but he is improving under Power Stryke’s tutelage which sometimes proves difficult since Dean would rather read a book than spar.