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Veronika was a Czech photo-journalist covering cultural stories for Christian Science Monitor. She was working on the plight of the Karens in Thailand for three years when her team was captured by rogue elements of the Myanmar Military. Her male coworker died under the brutal torture of the rogue commander but his death gave her an opportunity to escape. Fleeing into the jungles, Veronika was chased and cornered when her GorWol trait manifested. She easily defeated her pursuers and eventually made her way back home to Prague. Soon after arriving home, Veronika was contacted by the ISF. Veronika is a therianthropic and must biomorph to use her powers. She calls the biomorph form Nighthorn. When she does biomorph her skins turns to a hardened chitin carapace which protects her from damage. She also gains strength being able to lift roughly 12 tons with extreme effort and her leg strength provides her with great leaping ability. Through concentration she can project the same chitin material to protrude from various parts of her skin like thorns. These thorn-spines are coated with a light toxin that can degrade performance if it gets into contact with skin (it does not have to penetrate the skin). Continual exposure to the toxin results in decreased strength, agility, endurance, speed, mobility and eventual paralysis. She has learned to throw the thorn-spines out towards an opponent but with decreased toxicity.