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Hans Von Thunstein was born into a wealthy industrial family in Austria. He was born with wings which created a difficult delivery and his mother perished soon after he was born. His father was despondent and took Hans to the family mountain retreat in the eastern Alps where he raised Hans in seclusion of others for fear of Hans being attacked by radicals. Hans received the best tutors his father found but he grew up alone with just his father who ran the energy business from the house. He spent his free time flying around the Alps having fun. By the time Hans was 25 years old he already had three Masters (Business, Economics, Finance) and a Doctorate (International Markets), black belts in Karate and Judo and mastery of medieval weapons but he was unsatisfied. He was tired of individual awards and accolades. After his father died Hans sold the family business for a small fortune and traveled to New York City to the ISFs Field Office for membership. He spent two years at the ISF HQs improving himself mentally and physically. He currently serves on the ISF reserve team. Sky Hunter has greater strength, reflexes, speed, and durability than a normal human. He can lift roughly 5 tons. He has wings on his back which he an use for flying up to 300 mph. ISF scientists created Titanium/Obdurium alloyed shield, armor, broadsword, spear and axe for him to use in combat.