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Annuska Perger was an up and coming model from Budapest but was unhappy with her career and felt her life was missing something. While working on a fashion shoot in Milan robbers broke into her hotel room demanding money. Annuska was scared and her GorWol trait manifested when one of the robbers put a gun to her head. She melted the gun to his hand and melted the other robbers gun as well. When the robbers tried to flee she trapped them in cages of fire and burnt them to death when she lost control of her powers. This started a massive fire and burned down one half of the hotel but Annuska walked away unscathed. She allowed the media and authorities to report her death in the fire and she started her new life of vigilantism because of the excitement. After a few months of fighting low level criminals Annuska was tracked down by Vikka and Vargr who convinced her to join the ISF. Torcher helped Annuska learn to control her powers and after serving a short stint on the reserve team she became a member of ISF Team DELTA. Solarra is a Pyrokinetic and a Thermakinetic. She is able to absorb solar radiation and manipulate it for various offensive and defensive uses. She is able to store the solar energy in every cell of her body, even her blood. She can absorb, store, and manipulate energy from light, especially direct sunlight, and fire. She can use it to project heat blasts or blinding flashes, create fire cages to trap targets, and raise the temperature of objects to weaken or destroy them. Solarra is, by nature of her powers, resistant to most heat attacks. Her body is immune to the detrimental effects of wielding her power. By projecting thermal energy below her, Solarra is able to produce sufficient thrust to fly to a maximum speed at which she can still breathe unaided, approximately 130 miles per hour. Solarra can create Thermal shields to protect herself and others from damage.