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Bataar Chulunn was a Mongolian goat, wisent and horse herder when he was struck by lightning in teh Altai Mountains. His tribesman witnessed the event but he came away from the strike unharmed. His kinsman started calling him Jigari (after a local nature spirit associated with lightning and a rumored son of Tengri) and he lived in relative obscurity with only his kin knowing of his new found powers. Members of the Dark Cabal attempted to start a war between China and Russia fro within Mongolia and when the ISF responded, Bataar was near the battle. When ISF member Aunt Artica found herself fighting Scales and Blood Harpy by herself Bataar intervened, saved her life and drove off the villains. He was soon admitted into the ISF and remained a reserve member until he could control his powers. Now he is a member of ISF Team DELTA. Jigari is an Electrokinetic and his entire body is basically a powerful capacitor. He is super strong (35 tons) and resistant to damage. He can store and release massive amounts of electricity and can absorb energy damage directed at him. He can generate a short electrical field damaging anyone who comes into contact with him, use stored electricity to move faster or heal himself, project electricity from his fists when he punches, and can project electrical blasts from his hands at a short distance. He wears a specially designed suit that regulates the amount of electricity stored in his body. Although having the basic level of education Jigari is good with languages can can speak English, Russian, Chinese as well as Mongolian.