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Drake Warfield spent 6 years in the Army as an Infantry Officer after graduating from college. Leaving the Army after his second tour to Afghanistan, Drake was a Doctoral Candidate studying Medieval History at Syracuse University when his GorWol trait manifested. Drake left school after accidentally blowing up a wing at the campus library killing 4 people. Power Stryke approached Drake in the Adirondacks and after a lengthy talk, Power Stryke convinced Drake to seek out Beacon to gain better control of his powers. Drake has the powers of Photokinesis. He can project massive amount of light based energy from his body. He can use this energy to generate energy blasts from his hands and eyes, add luminous damage to his melee attacks, protect himself from damage, heal himself and fly up to 300 mph in normal conditions. Concentrating and using his Photokinesis for just flight Drake can reach speeds of MACH2. Drake has superhuman strength to lift up to 20 tons with extreme effort. Stargazer was the first ISF Team ALPHA leader and before the Meta War he passed command to Major Mercury and took control over the ISFs reserve team. He is in a relationship with Starpixie.