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Stanilus Dyminski was a Polish footballer playing for Legia Warsaw in the Ekstraklasa. He was one of the stars of the team and a known hot head when he sustained a devastating lower leg injury against Germany on the pitch. Depressed and mad over this apparent end to his playing career, Stanilus withdrew from society in the Puszcza WkrzaÅ„ska region near Germany. Years went by and no one heard from Stanilus until one day German amateur photographers took a picture of what they claimed was a vampire in the woods that attacked them. Soon there were more reports and sightings of the Puszcza WkrzaÅ„ska monster ayyacking Germans. Eventually Power Stryke was sent to investigate the rumors and encountered Stanilus transformed into what Stanilus called his devil persona (Teufel is devil in German). Power Stryke tried to reason with Stanilus but the ex footballer became enraged and the two fought. Proving to be more than a match for Power Stryke, Stargazer and Bronco Billy were dispatched to assist. After a struggle that destroyed tens of acres of forest Stanilus was subdued and brought back to ISF HQs. He remained under observation until he gained better control of his awesome powers and MEGATEK felt he could be trusted. Now Stanilus is the most powerful member of ISF Team DELTA and one of the more powerful meta-humans on Earth. Teufling can manipulate dark energy, gravity and matter to blast and dominate his foes. He can generate dark fields to give himself incredible defensive capabilities. He has increased strength (15 tons), durability, willpower and energy generation. His energy projection is on par with Stargazer’s. Teufling has tremendous resistance to energy and negative energy attacks. He can emit a negative energy aura from his body at will which continuously causes damage to those near him, weaken their resolve and make him stronger. He can surround himself with shadowy particles that bends the light around him, making him difficult to spot at a distance. He can use his dark energy to steal the life force of those around him to heal his own wounds and damage his opponents at the same time. He can project powerful negative energy blasts from his eyes and hands. His powers allow him the power of flight and teleportation. Due to his powers and his look, Stanilus is a loner even though he is a member of the ISF and other members keep their distance from him.