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Sulwen “Samantha” McHarris was a Scottish nanny on vacation visiting Greece, Macedonia and the Crimean Peninsula. While on the Crimean Peninsula she fell ill and was taken to a local hospital. The doctors could not figure out what was happening to her and she slipped into a coma and officially died two days later. Moments after dying she was reborn having increased in height and muscle mass. Trying to escape the surrounding media storm Samantha fell off the roof of the building and flew away. She spotted a sinking luxury boat in the Black Sea and rescued the boat and passengers. The media dubbed her the Scythian Heroine or the Amazon citing historical rumors of the Amazons living in that area ages past. She chose the ancient Amazon name of Thebe, who was from the north and had red hair. Samantha returned to Scotland to fight crime and was soon recruited by Power Stryke and joined the ISF. She is the muscle on ISF Team DELTA. Thebe is a biokinetic and has increased strength (45 tons), reflexes, endurance and durability. She heals four times faster than a normal human. Her skin is very tough, although not as tough as Gilgamesh’s, and she can withstand massive amounts of damage. She also exhibits the potential for Ergokinetics and may shoot energy beams given practice. As tough and strong as she is, Samantha still likes to put her hair up and wear heels and recently started dating Dark Weaponeer.