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Mystik is the ISFs resident spellcaster and magical subject matter expert. He is from Wales and speaks Welsh in addition to Latin, Sumerian and the Fey tongue. His father was a Welsh bookeeper and his mother was a banished Fey sorceress from the Other Realm thus making Mystik half human. Mystik is also the only ISF member without a GorWol trait, all his abilities are magical in nature. He has mastered the four elemental forces (air, earth, fire, water) and is considered by the Fey to be an elemental mage. He uses elemental magic to capture targets, generate ice/air/earth/fire/water blasts, and create specific elemental shields. He can control and conjure eldritch energy to make shields, blasts, shape constructs, become invisible/intangible, fly and teleport. His staff is from the Other Realm and helps him channel his magical power. Rhidwen is skilled in thaumatology, arcanology, astronomy, and alchemy. He works as a book shopkeeper. He is skilled in fighting with the staff and has some unarmed combat skills. Given enough time and resources Mystik can create a spell capable of any power or feat. He is the closest thing Gilgamesh has to a friend since they can speak Sumerian when they are together.