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Tiffany was a gifted French student/athlete and received a scholarship to the Dijon Law School. After graduating with honors she found a job working for France’s Department of Territorial Safety/Security as a field agent. Racking up a string of successful cases solved Tiffany was continually bypassed in favor of men and agents with prestigious family histories. One day on an assignment to stop an arms trafficker Tiffany was cornered by some criminals and in the ensuing shootout her GorWol trait manifested and she was able to stop the kinetic power of the criminals bullets. Not understanding what occurred she kept her powers hidden until they became uncontrollable. Soon after she was contacted by the ISF for membership which she took. Initially she served on the reserve team under Stargazer until a fourth field team was added and she took the command of Team DELTA. Lady Dynamic has kinetikinesis powers allowing her to slow down or speed up the kinetic energy of inorganic objects. The object must already be in motion for her to control. In addition she is a minor biokinetic and has increased agility, speed, reaction time, and reflexes.