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Joseph Kingali is the son of a tribal chief in Kenya and was educated in Switzerland where he excelled in athletics and humanities. He traveled to the US to attend college at Harvard when he was targeted by members of the Mungiki in Boston. This stemmed from activities his father took against the Mungiki in Kenya and the criminal group sought revenge. Joseph’s GorWol trait manifested during the attack and he quickly subdued his assailants. Completing his studies in 3 years, Joseph stayed for Graduate school. Working part time at a homeless shelter he was depressed to see violence committed by criminals against the weak so he decided to become a vigilante to protect the innocent. Creating his own weapons and costume Joseph was soon called the Dark Weaponeer by the media as he fought criminal scum in and around Boston. It was a year before the ISF was able to track him down and invite him to join their ranks. He was a longtime member of the ISF reserve team until he completed his studies and then he became a full member of ISF Team DELTA. Joseph is a biokinetic and has enhanced reflexes, speed, endurance, senses and agility. He is trained in eskrima, kobudo, dog brothers knife fighting, and is a black belt in Karate and Judo. He is in a relationship with Thebe.