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Eduardo Luzon was a horrible Peruvian soldier just making ends met living paycheck to paycheck when his unit was sent to the jungle part of Peru to fight the resurgent Shining Path. During the dreary months that followed it was determined that the Shining Path were being supported and funded by Dr. Dimento and his Dark Cabal. During a particularly nasty firefight Eduardo fled from the battlefield and was cornered by some insurgents. As they shot at him, he put his hands up and his GorWol trait manifested. He created a gravitational forcefield around himself which stopped the bullets. He subdued his attackers, went back to the battlefield to save the remainder of his unit and saw ISF Team ALPHA fighting members of the Dark Cabal. Helping the ISF drive off the Dark Cabal, Eduardo went back to their headquarters to become a new member. After serving some time on the reserve team he joined the new ISF Team DELTA as their control specialist. Gravenger is a gravikinetic; he can control the gravitational forces around an object. He can surround any object or person including himself with gravitons and anti-gravitons thereby increasing or decreasing the Earth’s pull of gravity upon it. Gravenger can fly, project gravity force bolts, create gravity shields, hold people in place and make other objects or people fly through the air.