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Genie and Bronco joined the ISF just before the beginning of what the media called the “Meta War” between the ISF and Vogner’s old nemesis Aberdale and his meta villains called the Dark Cabal. Genie was an emergency room doctor and is a powerful psychokinetic and uses her psionic energies to heal herself and others. She also has some neurokinetic abilities to attack her opponents mind. This allows her to stun or confuse them and even to attack their head with searing psionic energy. She can also control her body to become translucent and even to phase through objects. She has some cognitive abilities which allow her to see what happened in the recent past and to sense hidden objects. She can project her psionic energies behind her for flight although at limited speed (90 mph). She can teleport herself and others. Bronco is Canadian, is a biokinetic and has thick skin able to withstand extreme kinetic damage and to a lesser degree, other attack forms. He is not 100% invulnerable and can be harmed. Naturally he can lift 40 tons with extreme effort. Billy can also project energy from his hands, but not with the skill that MEGATEK or Power Stryke can do. His Ergokinesis is limited to his fists but he can increase his melee damage. When fully enraged, Billy increases his strength to the 50 ton range and his ergokinetic damage increases. His leg muscles are powerful enough to leap great distances up to 170 feet in a single bound. Bronco hates wearing his ISF costume, preferring to wear his rancher clothes. Since joining the ISF, Genie and Bronco became romantically involved and are the first meta-human couple.