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Karishma Mora was a minor Bollywood actress/model/singer trying to make it big in India and Hollywood. One day while out promoting her latest film she was struck by a runaway bus. Taken to the hospital she was declared dead by doctors and then revived and floated in the emergency room in a shining light. Secluded in a wing of the hospital until doctors could determine what happened to her she was attacked by religious fanatics who saw her as evil. She fought them off with the assistance of Power Stryke who was sent to recruit her. After the attack she joined the ISF under the name Astra Deva and is a member of ISF Team CHARLIE. Astra Deva is a biokinetic and neruokinetic. She can project an energy from her body that can weaken and even disintegrate inorganic materials or burn organic materials. She also uses her psionic powers to heal herself and others in a limited capacity. It is believed that her neurokinetic powers actually speed up the time around an object to allow for healing. If that is the case she may possess more chronokinetic powers in the future. She has psionic energy wings which provide her with flight at 200 mph.