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Desmond Aboya was a store clerk in a small town in Cameroon being the first one in his family who graduated high-school. His father was killed by a rival tribal family and when Desmond and his brother went to speak to the murderers they were attacked. Desmond and is brother were both shot and fled into the jungle. Being pursued and then cornered Desmond’s GorWol trait activated and he transformed into a powerful body with insect wings. Desmond fought and killed their attackers and then carried his brother home. His brother remarked that Desmond looked and fought like one of the vicious ants that plague the countryside. A few months after this incident Desmond was recruited by Power Stryke to join the ISF taking the name Army Ant. During his training phase Desmond accompanied Lord Psyker on his quest to investigate the rumors of Dr. Dimento’s return. Currently Desmond is a member of ISF Team CHARLIE and is good friends with Kharaman. Army Ant is a biokinetic and has super strength in the 25 ton range, has a hardened outer carapace which provides a limited degree of protection when transformed, can jump higher than a normal human, heals five times faster than a normal human and has powerful double insect wings that provide flight up to 200 mph.