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Kharaman woke up after an explosion in a remote part of eastern Afghanistan. He was the only survivor of an apparent ANA SF vs Taliban firefight in the mountains. He has no memory of what occurred but he was wearing an Afghan Special Forces uniform with the name Massoud on it. He stayed in the mountain area using his great strength to assist the lives of the simple farmers and herders. They gave him the name Kharaman (Champion). Lord Psyker heard about Kharaman and recruited him into the ISF as part of his new team after his return. Kharaman became the muscle of ISF Team CHARLIE. Kharaman is a Biokinetic and has super strength (in the 30 ton range), limited invulnerability. He is also a minor Ergokinetic but has so far only demonstrated projecting energy blasts from his hands and using the energy for flight. ISF scientists believe Kharaman is still developing his GorWol trait and will become stronger.