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Bengal was an orphan in Vietnam living as a street urchin when she successfully picked the pocket of an old man. The old man found her and instead of beating her, offered to teach her more. She was trained as a kunoichi, or female ninja by the old man, a banished Japanese ninja named Nobunaka. Nobunaka was hiding in Vietnam from enemies and he claimed family ties to the legendary hero Prince Yamato. Nobunaka also claimed to have survived the Iga punitive campaign in 1581. Finally finding someone worthy of learning all the skills he had acquired, Nobunaka died peacefully in bed. Bengal created a new identity of Christina Mai Nguyen and started targeting underworld scum throughout the Pacific. She targeted slave traders, pimps, rapists, drug dealers, anyone who preyed on the meek. Hunting down a drug dealer in the Phillipines brought her into contact with Power Stryke and Genie who recruited her. She is now a member of ISF Team ALPHA and is the best combatant in the ISF. Bengal is a biokinetic and has heightened senses, agility, reaction speed, quickness and endurance than most Olympic athletes. She has mastered all 18 skills of ninjitsu. She is an expert in taijitsu (ninja hand to hand), jujitsu, judo, and vovinam (a Vietnamese martial art).