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The first recruit in the ISF was Darrel Blake, a US Army sniper wounded in Afghanistan by an IED strike where he became a quadriplegic. Dr. Vogner visited him in the recovery ward at a US base in Germany, determined Darrel was an ergokinetic like Dr. York, then helped fake his death before taking him to the first ISF headquarters. There Beacon and MEGATEK worked to create cybernetic appendages which allowed Darrel to fully utilize his ergokinetic powers. The cybernetic appendages allow him to project energy from his hands in the form of focused energy blasts or to add additional damage to his melee attacks. The suit allows him to bend light around his body thus rendering him near invisible. Darrel acts as the ISF recruiter and stealth specialist taking the name Power Stryke. The suit has a vocal computer which provides Blake a very simple voice translator to assist in recruiting new members. His lower leg cybernetic appendages provide him with the ability to run much faster than a normal person, just past what is considered super speed (90 mph). He is also an expert in Krav Maga. While he enjoys the second chance at life the ISF provides, he is still bitter at being a quadriplegic and has an angry attitude towards life.