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Devina Valencia was an Argentinian culinary student in Buenos Aires when she was struck by a car crossing a busy street. Taken to the hospital the doctor found no lasting injuries as her Gor Wol trait manifested in the ambulance and healed her. However she did not know she manifested and continued on with her normal life. One day while preparing for her culinary food test the power in the kitchen died out and when Devina struck a stove in anger her cosmic powers emerged and provided energy to all the appliances at once. Scared at what she had done she fled and stayed hidden in her apartment. Soon she was approached by Power Stryke for recruitment and she joined the ISF. She took the name Star Pixie and fought in the last battle of the Meta War in Las Vegas. She served in both the ISF Reserve Team under Star Gazer and ISF Team ALPHA under Major Mercury. She is presently on the reserve team and in a relationship with Star Gazer. Star Pixie has the ability to manipulate, nullify and amplify pain and the ability to manipulate cosmic energy in the form of stellar fire, and which allows her to project charged particles beams from her hands.