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Dalman Dawkins was a pilot for a small Australian shipping company. On a regular run delivery humanitarian aid to East Timor Dalman’s plane lost engine power and started to descent rapidly. Everything Dalman tried failed and it appeared he was going to crash into the Pacific Ocean. In his panic his GorWol trait manifested and his plane’s cockpit exploded. Falling out of the cockpit Dalman transformed into a fiery form with flight and was able to save himself but not the plane of the supplies. Trying to return to normal life Dalman eventually drifted to becoming a crimefighter in Sydney until Power Stryke recruited him where he took the name Sunstar. Dalman is a pyrokinetic and he can absorb solar and other radiation to generate plasma, the superheated state of matter. He uses his powers to sheath his body in flame which allows him to fly, shoot plasma energy beams, generate a plasma shield to ward off attacks, sense the heat signature in other beings or objects, explode into a plasma bomb which leaves him drained, and control fire and heat at a limited degree. Sunstar was in a previous relationship with CanadiAnne but they have since broken up.