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Duarte Marquez was a struggling hotel lounge singer in the Algarve area in the south of Portugal. During one profitable tourist season in the area, Duarte was singing with the Hotel band when members of the Dark Cabal attacked the hotel. In the confusion Duarte was apprehended by Hooligan and Scales. It seemed he was the reason for their attack. When ISF Team ALPHA showed up to stop the Dark Cabal and save the people, Duarte yelled at Scales to leave him alone and that was when his GorWol trait manifested. Duarte helped the ISF fight off the Dark Cabal and then left with them to start a new life as a super hero. Jammer is an audiokinetic. He can psionically project and control his voice to blast targets and weaken structures. He can affect people by overwhelming listeners with deafening noise, stun them with low-frequency sonic blasts, put them into a hypnotic trance, disorient them, nauseate them, or simply render them unconscious. He has perfect pitch and is able to use his voice to travel over sound waves thus flying at a speed of up to 275 mph. Jammer is also able to layer sound waves over people and objects providing an acoustic force field.