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Hiroku was a Japanese rikishi in a well known hiya outside of Tokyo. Enduring life there until he could make it into the big tournaments in Japan, Hiroku trained endlessly. Finally when his bog break came he was approached by Japanese Yakuza to throw his match with their hand picked champion. Hiroku was incensed, and during the bout he sent his opponent flying throw the air into the crowd. That evening when the Yakuza came looking for revenge Hiroku’s GorWol trait manifested and he deflected their bullets with an energy aura. He picked up a nearby Kanabo and attacked them with it. Forced to leave his hiya due to his meta powers Hiroku was recruited by Power Stryke to join the ISF. Kanabo can project an energy aura around his body to deflect and reduce attacks. He is also very strong capable of lifting 35 tons. Kanabo has limited energy absorbing abilities can can recharge his energy levels with various forms of energy.