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Eugenia Jenyachuk was a Ukrainian botanist working on plant evolution by studying their genetic and molecular makeup. One day while working on a plant toxin her coworker dropped a vial of the toxin and everyone in the lab succumbed to its effects except for Eugenia. Her GorWol trait manifested and protected her. Leaving work after the emergency cleanup she was contacted by Power Stryke to join the ISF. She was a a new recruit during the Meta War and earned her way on to ISF Team Alpha when she captured Dark Cabal member Succubus by herself. Feymage is able to mentally manipulate wood, plants, fruits and flowers, even moss found in a natural field or habitat. She can cause plants to quickly manifest from the soil and wrap around a target, can mutate plants by rearranging DNA structure, and revive recently withering or dead plants. She can also use the surrounding vegetation to heal herself and others in a limited capacity by extracting plant chemicals. Eugenia developed a relationship with Mythic after he protected her from an ambush by Gorilla King and Kyton. Mythic was mortally wounded in the fight and Feymage healed him and then they kissed.