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Noah Ballentyne was a mechanical engineer in New Zealand working on advanced scientific designs. One day while out hiking in the mountains he observed a murder and was seen. He ran away and was chased by the killers. Cornering him near a cliff the killers threw him off the edge to make it look like an accident. During the fall his GorWol trait manifested and he grew insect wings to fly and discharged an energy beam from his hands. He subdued the killers and fashioned a costume to become a crimefighter under the name Killer Bee. He was recruited into the ISF just before the start of the Meta War and during the Nova Scotia battle he had his natural insect wings ripped off by Gorilla King. Noah went back to New Zealand to recover. During his convalesnece he fashioned a set of cybernetic wings to replace his lost ones and became Killer Bee once again. Killer Bee is currently the ATL for ISF Team CHARLIE under Lord Psyker’s command. Killer Bee is an Ergokinetic. His internal energy allows him to project powerful blasts from his hands and increases his strength to the 15 ton range. He can also fly with the cybernetically connected Obdurium alloy wings he crafted. He can control the wings to stabilize his flight and they protect him from damage when enclosed around him. He has an Obdurium alloy helmet that enhances his vision and provides some night vision. He recently started a relationship with Crystalfrost.