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T-Money was a tough street kid from the streets of Atlanta running in a Black Mafia Family set as a drug enforcer to protect his little brother who was in debt to the BMF. During a turf war with another set, T-Money was shot multiple times protecting his brother and left for dead. His brother was then shot execution style. The ISF eventually sent their Bravo Team to deal with the growing riot and civil disturbance. T-Money recovered thanks to his GorWol trait manifesting and he started hunting down the set that shot him and killed his little brother. Finding them T-Money tried to shot them but in his anger his hands discharged a force beam that broke the pistol. ISF member Crystalfrost observed this and subdued T-Money and his intended victims. Lord Psyker read his mind and found T-Money actually had a good heart, just the wrong outlets. He was given the chance to prove himself to the ISF as a reserve member. He took the offer, wanting to escape all that was bad with his former life. He eventually learned to control his power and became a valued team mate. During the Meta War battle in Nova Scotia, Vandal (as he was called) fought Dr. Dimento to save Crystalfrosts life until reinforcements could arrive. Dr. Dimento created a telekinetic bubble inside Vandals brain and caused it to expand until his head exploded. Dr. Dimento fled when reinforcements came but Vandal was dead. Vandal was an Ergokinetic and could project powerful force bolts from his fingers. His force bolts were powerful enough to overcome some forcefields with repeated hits.