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Joffer Tegman was a South African Military Commando (or Recce) of Afrikkaner descent. He was a troop commander who excelled at everything he did. He was on a HALO training mission when his chute tray failed to open. As he was falling to his death out in the middle of the desert he noticed a nearby lake and tried to steer his free fall to the lake. This stress activated his GorWol trait and he flew straight into the lake with his Energy Force Shield being the only thing saving him from the impact. Since the training mission was filmed and unable to explain how he survived the fall, Joffer was put on administrative convalescence. The video of his fall made it to ISF who dispatched Power Stryke to recruit him. Major Mercury took over the leadership of ISF Team ALPHA from Stargazer just before the start of the Meta War. Major Mercury is an Ergokinetic. He can project powerful energy blasts from his hands, has slightly increased strength (1 ton range) due to energy flowing through his muscles and has increased durability. His ergokinesis provides him with an energy shield that provides good resistance to kinetic attacks, and excellent versus energy based attacks. He can create various force fields of various sizes and shapes to protect himself and others around him but he cannot attack when shielded. He can fly at speeds up to 300 mph.