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Meriah Neladakis was a was a poor, uneducated street prostitute in Greece before manifesting. She was beaten bad by a John and left for dead. Her GorWol trait manifested and her body healed itself. Taking this as a sign, Meriah changed her life around. She was working as a mountain village midwife healing the local sick and injured when she was approached by Power Stryke to join the ISF. She accepted and became a valuable team member for her ability to heal others in combat. She was in a relationship with Thunderstrike when he died and after his death she left the ISF and retreated back to her mountain village in Greece. Lord Psyker brought her back to the ISF a few years later when he killed Thunderstrike’s assassin. She remains the healer on Lord Psyker’s team. Pharmakon is a healer. She has the Psionkinetic ability to do empathic healing on living beings. She can heal wounds and cure diseases but she cannot bring someone back from the dead. She can also heal herself and her natural healing process is six times faster than a normal human. Pharmakon also has limited Psiokinetic offensive powers. She can direct bio-psychic energy into psionic energy blasts to damage opponents. She is not as adept at using her Psionkinetic abilities for other powers and she does not display the wide range of abilities Genie, Vikka or Lord Psyker possess.