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The first recruit Dr. Vogner found was a fellow scientist Dr. Maynard York from England. Dr. York was a British scientist working for the Cray Technologies Corporation when he noticed irregular scientific and business practices with the environmental survival suit he was working on. Dr. York stole the suit and became a hero. Dr. York is an ergokinetic, he is a living energy battery. However he needs a special suit to actually project the energy for various uses, both offensive and defensive. While not as smart as Beacon in the bio genetic field, Maynard is just as smart in the engineering and robotic fields. The suit has super strength in the 20 ton lift range, project focused force bolts, project a force field, has energy thrusters for flight and can manipulate the light spectrum around itself to become almost invisible. Dr. York took the code name MAGATEK and became the ISFs main scientist after the upload of Vogner to Beacon and was the organizations first reserve team leader until he passed the torch to Stargazer.