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Carla Lemos was a poor textile factory worker in Para State, Brazil. Her Foreman always made sexual advances towards her and she always avoided him. The little money she did save up she spent taking Kombato self defense classes. One day while at work her foreman tried to rape her and Carla crippled him. Scared she fled west into the Amazon jungle where she found refuge with a tribe of runaway slave decedents. They helped her expand her basic fighting skills and she became an expert in Capoeira. The tribal shaman gave her a potion to drink and that potion caused her GorWol trait to manifest. She became fast and agile with heightened senses. She fashioned an outfit after a Jaguar and she took the name Jaguara and traveled back to Brazilian civilization. There she became a vigilante crime-fighter; using confiscated money to provide charity for the poor. Eventually her exploits brought her to the attention of Beacon who recruited her. She was the ISFs main melee fighter, besting Power Stryke on many occasions. During a hostage rescue mission in Mexico against a Mexican Cartel, Jaguara was attacked by Hooligan and Scales of the Dark Cabal. She fought valiantly but succumbed to Scales venom and was killed when Hooligan held her and Scales tore her heart out. This triggered the start of the Meta War. During her time in the ISF Jauguara was in a relationship with MEGATEK. Jaguara was an excellent melee fighter blending elements of Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Capoeira, Kombato and a Jaguar style.