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Nigel Daltrey was a stage actor in Leeds when he was mugged on his way back to his flat after a work party. When he resisted the muggers beat him into a coma. His GorWol trait manifested to keep him alive and during his time in the coma his skin turned blue and metallic. He awoke fully healed but no longer the same person. Approached by the UK Government as a possible Government sponsored hero, Nigel turned them down and fled, angry for losing his previous life. He was found by Mystik who helped him adjust to his new body, power and life. Eventually Nigel joined Bannerman’s Fyrd as Starbolt. Starbolt can generate and control cosmic enegy. He can shoot energy blasts, create force shields, and shape his cosmic energy into simple constructs. He is also able to fly and can lift 10 tons. Nigel possesses tremendous cosmic energy powers and in time he will be as powerful as Stargazer but he is still learning what he can do.