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Yousef Abdulhak grew up as a poor kid in Yemen working in the market at whatever job he could find. When he was old enough he joined the local Al Qeada Yemeni terrorist cell and worked his way up from a raw recruit to a respected killer. Eventually he was selected by his Al Qaeda cell leader to be experimented on by rogue scientists looking to inject processed DNA captured from the deceased hero Thunderfist and local Yemeni scorpion dna. The process was a moderate success as Yousef gained enhanced strength (20 tons, short of Thunderfists full strength) and reflexes, but did not receive any enhanced durability. He did gain the ability to secrete a paralytic poison that attacks through the skin. Outfitted with armor a cybernetic tail and hand blades Yousef was dubbed the Deathstalker and was unleashed upon his leaders enemies in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Eventually he grew disgusted by what he saw as his supposed terrorist leaders were not in fact morally religious individuals. Questioning his leaders back in Yemen the arguement became violent when he slew them all easily. He then set off on his own selling his services to the highest bidder as muscle, enforcer, mercenary, assassin, etc. He frequently fights European meta heroes including Bannerman and his troop, Commander Ion, Praetorian and Kataphraktos. He has not journeyed to the states yet.