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Haley Burroughs was a London street waif living mostly among abandoned houses in and near the Barnet Borough. When she was 16 years old she observed the new British hero Bannerman making his second debut in London while battling the villain Powerlance. During the fight an abandoned industrial building began to fall on top of Haley but she leapt away and saved a few minor kids also watching the battle. Bannerman observed her actions and after vanquishing Powerlance he tracked her down as Sir Thomas Lumley. Taking her out to eat he determined she had a nice heart, worked with the police to expunge her juvenile record of theft, and took her as his ward back to Rotterham. There he had private tutors educate her on all manner of topics and after acing her secondary tests was sent off to Oxford to pursue an education in business management. During all of this time Sir Thomas and Mystik schooled her on how to use her meta powers of duplication. Soon after she graduated she returned to Rotterham, started working in Sir Thomas’ finance firm and began adventuring as Lady Valour in the Fyrd. Lady Valour has the meta power of duplication- she can duplicate powers from other meta humans she touches. She cannot duplicate mental powers, magic nor skills, and there is a limit on how powerful her duplication powers work. She can duplicate Bannermans whole strength of lifting 20 tons, but could not duplicate Guardians whole strength of lifting 25 tons. She was able to duplicate both Solarblaze and Illuminators powers but not as strong as their inherent powers are. She can duplicate powers of up to three meta humans she touches before new powers start cancelling old ones out. The more people she duplicates powers from, the less powerful those powers are when she uses them.