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Gwendolyn Mallows was working as an associate professor of Physics at the University of Bedfordshire in Bedford, England when her GorWol trait manifested. She was out jogging on a country trail for what she felt like was hours when in reality it only took 5 minutes. Stunned when she realized what she accomplished Gwen took time off from school to find out her limits. Her first actual hero act took place when she stopped a mugger steal from an old lady in her neighborhood. After that she began patrolling her town acting as an unsanctioned vigilante. Eventually she was tracked down by Mystik who offered her training. Mystik introduced her to Bannerman and soon Gwen moved from Bedford and relocated to Lumly Castle to join Bannerman in his fledgling UK hero group- The Fyrd. Gwen and Sir Thomas are now romantically involved. As Chronomancer, Gwen has the meta power of time control. While she is not practiced enough to go into the past or future she can slow down or speed up time around a person or herself. Doing this allows her to move at super speeds, make more attacks or actions, heal herself and others faster than normal and freeze time around a target to immobilize them or slow them down. Gwen also has a Doctorate in Physics.