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Lien Hua was born and raised in Qinghai province to a Han/Mongol mixed family. She grew up in the Tanggula Mountains surrounded by her peoples mysticism and professed sorcery. When she was 18 years old she was separated from her family while picking berries in the mountains and spent 4 hard days alone in the harsh terrain. It is believed this is when her GorWol trait manifested and she became increasingly distant from her fellow family members. Lien began talking to herself, writing on walls, and professing to speak with dead people. Her family thought her mad and when they tried to send her to a state run insane asylum Lien ran away into the mountains. She spent 4 years wandering the mountains as a hermit/hedge witch perfecting her abilities and even discovering new found arcane powers. Then one day she simply walked into the PRC Ministry of State Security’s HQs building and offered her abilities for the benefit of the State. She was given the code-name Jiangshi and now works alongside other PRC meta humans. Jiangshi possesses both umbrakinesis and arcane necromancy powers. She can generate dark energy clouds, blasts, darkness, and can teleport. She also has necromantic arcane powers which allow her to speak to the dead, spirits, see in other realms, animate zombie and skeletons and cast limited arcane blasts. She has a scar across her face she says she received battling with the “demon in the mountain” for her arcane knowledge.