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Zaid was a poor carpenter, mason, smuggler and day laborer before his GorWol trait manifested. He was caught up in the civil unrest in Egypt at the end of 2018 and was shot by rogue police during a government sponsored clearing operation in his slum village. His trait manifested and he was able to heal himself and stop the rogue police from finishing their killing spree in a nameless slum outside of Cairo. He was dubbed Horus-Ra after the old Egyptian Pantheon by the media. After threatening the Egyptian President with eradication if he did not stop the civil unrest, Horus-Ra was recruited by the ISF. He currently serves as the ATL for ISF Team ALPHA. Horus-Ra is a Radiakinetic and Thermakinetic. He can generate thermal radiation energy into powerful radiation blasts, project radiation waves out from his body, and can weaken the durability of objects or make people sick with enough focus. He can project and absorb various forms of radiation energy, using it to heal others or to burn them with radiation. He needs an obdurium conductor to project his radiation with better control. His radioactive energy enhances his strength to the 10 ton range, heals him four times faster than normal and allows him to fly by projecting radiation energy. He has limited resistance to attacks, but his resistance to energy and fire based attacks is good. His Serpent Staff and parts of his costume are made of obdurium to better focus his powers.