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The second PRC meta human operative was a spoiled child from a wealthy family in Beijing named Jin. Jin was an early Wushu practitioner and became an expert in Wushu before the age of 15. His family did not want him tested but Jin was adamant he was more than special and volunteered. Jin survived the forced manifestation (being shot) when his GorWol trait manifested and he dodged the bullet. Jin was eventually diagnosed with super human reflexes, speed and senses. He also has low level aeorkinetic ability which he uses for flight, and is beginning to display some weather control powers (mostly wind and rain). Jin was secreted away to the Ministry of State Security’s Meta Human Department HQs for three years before he was unveiled as Xia Wang (Rain King) the leader of the PRC Meta Human Squad. Xia Wang is a skilled Wushu practitioner, on level with Wushu world champions, and uses the twin tiger hook swords as his favored weapons. He was groomed to be the leader of the PRC meta team and has training in tactics and strategy.