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With the rise of meta-humans across the globe it was just a matter of time before the PRC sought their own meta-human operatives to counter the influence of the ISF and Western powers. A new department under the Ministry of State Security was created to handle all meta-human activities. This department secretly tested millions of Chinese citizens for the GorWol trait and in doing so caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands trying to forcibly manifest the candidates. The first successful Chinese manifestation was a young and uneducated Red Army soldier named Geng. Geng survived the forced manifestation (being shot) when his body transformed his flesh into a malleable but strong metallic alloy. Kept hidden for years at a secret facility Geng learned how to control his powers and was given a special suit to enhance his body control. Given the code-name Yaoguai (demon) Geng was the first PRC meta human operative. Yaoguai has the ability of mimetic poly-alloy. His body transformed into a hard yet supple metallic alloy which he can use to change the shapes of his appendages (usually into bladed weapons or solid objects). He also creates shields for defense. He can only create solid objects like hammers, blades, and other tools, but not objects that require moving parts (guns, wheels). He is also limited by his body mass. His body grants him enhanced strength (one ton), reflexes, endurance and durability. During his isolation Geng was trained in Choy Li Fut Kung Fu and is a dangerous hand to hand opponent.