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Ever wonder how that guy you read in the news who molested children ended up dead; or how the drug addict in the news that killed an old lady during a robbery and was let off on a technicality ended up missing? There are rumors of a masked vigilante stalking known criminals the law didn’t seem to punish. This vigilante, calling himself Kinslayer, travels across the US meeting out justice for the extremely wicked. It does not matter the crime- the stock broker in NYC who ran a ponzi scheme and bilked millions of dollars from average people- he ended up murdered on his private yacht; the psycho in Atlanta who kept women locked up in his basement for years- beaten to death; the cannibal in Texas who eats children- burned to death; the white supremacist in Idaho who murdered 10 people on a joyride then holed himself up in a bunker- had his throat cut. An FBI Task Force attributes at least 37 deaths to this Kinslayer, although they officially claim he does not exist. American Watch member Sentinel came across the Kinslayer in Chicago and says he is male, medium height and build, possibly Mexican-american due to the accent. He is quick and fast, an expert shot with firearms, skilled with bladed weapons, hand to hand combat and possibly ambidextrous. If you are a criminal then beware for this guy may end up finding you…