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Batcha Donauri worked as a Georgian gold miner near Tblisi when South Ossetian rebels attacked the gold mine area. The attack caused a cave in and Batcha was trapped underground with 12 other gold miners for 5 days. When the cave in was cleared Batcha was the only one still alive due to his GorWol trait manifesting. Recovering in the hospital Batcha discovered his strength had increased along with his endurance and toughness. Seeking revenge against the South Ossetians Batcha created the persona of Golden Ram, a Georgian meta hero and began attacking South Ossitian towns. Branded an international criminal by Russia and Georgia (who was seeking a diplomatic resolution to the South Ossetian problem) Batcha fled the area finding employment as an enforcer for various seedy criminal organizations in Istanbul, Albania and eventually Germany. His criminal acts brought him into conflict with Kataphraktos, Vargr and Vikka. Golden Ram possesses super human strength (40 ton range), enhanced endurance, agility and reflexes and is has very dense and tough skin. His super strength allows him to leap vast distances. Golden Ram wears a Corinthian styled breastplate and helm which he tries to play off as the source of his powers in addition to calling the rams fleece he uses as his cape as the actual Golden Fleece from history.