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Angela Sumner was a chemical geologist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. She was on the scientific team experimenting with moon rocks brought back from a recent manned moon mission. The moon rocks were special because they gave off low levels of radiation energy. Angela was in the lab conducting chemical testing on one of the larger moon rocks when the rock cracked open and exploded. Angela was doused with chemicals and was irradiated by moon rock radioactive energy. A piece of the moon rock embedded in her forehead and she passed out. She did not perish because her GorWol trait manifested when the moon rock made contact with her skin. Awakening in the Oak Ridge hospital Angela discovered she was restrained to her bed against her will. The Government decided to experiment on her to see how her physiology had changed due to the accident. Spending 6 months hidden, shackled and experimented upon Angela finally broke free when an unrelated lab fire temporarily shut down power to her wing. Angela escaped and began taking revenge against the US Government which brought her into conflict with American Star. Since becoming a villain Angela, taking the name Moonfire, has battled both the ISF and American Watch. Moonfire possesses increased strength (10 tons), reflexes, speed, endurance and durability. She can fly, fire energy blasts, and under duress can channel her energy into increasing her strength and durability.