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Castanzo DeFuerza was a struggling Mexican experimental meteorologist studying extreme storms and their impact on the environment. He finally received a grant to conduct research at the famed Catatumbo river in Venezuela. Castanzo spent a few weeks observing the lightning phenomena and concluded he needed to gather data from within the overhead clouds during the lightning storm. Bribing a local crop duster pilot to fly him and some gear into the storm clouds at night Castanzo ignored the obvious risks of flying into a lightning storm. Everything was going well during the initial flyby but the storm started to increase as the prop plane started to fly through the clouds. A sudden tornado inside the clouds caused the plane to break apart and as Castanzo was falling to the earth he was struck 57 times by lightning. He crashed on the beach, blacked out and awoke with super powers as his GorWol trait manifested when he was struck by the lightning. His research assistant found him and called him crazy for trying the flight and Castanzo accidentally hurled compressed air at the assistant instantly killing him. Determined to take revenge on a world that mocked his theories Castanzo used his powers to travel north. He quickly came into conflict with Warmage when he tried to kill the Director of the US National Weather Service. Warmage quickly knocked Storm Lord out but he easily escaped custody. Storm Lord is still on the run. Storm Lord is a powerful aerokinetic and atmoskinetic. He can control air currents and influence the local weather around him to create powerful storms. He can generate small directed tornado’s, create air shields and powerful gusts of wind, fly and move objects by increasing the air speed around them. Once he has control over the local weather he displays a low level of electrokinesis- he can generate lightning strikes from storms he creates. He can also generate snow and ice in the form of weather effects from his storms displaying some cyrokinesis. He cannot control electricity or snow/ice/cold from sources not of his creation.