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Jasmine Gilmore worked as a petrochemical factory cook in Trinidad and Tobago when a chemical fire in the factory caused her to be trapped in the factory kitchen. Succumbing to the noxious fumes Jasmine passed out under one of the kitchen cooking tables. Her GorWol trait manifested and Jasmine awoke with incredible powers enabling her to survive the fumes and escape the fire. Jasmine fled the area ending up in Venezuela. With no money, papers, or ID Jasmine stole money and food to survive until she could figure out what to do with her life. Wanted by the police for petty crimes, Jasmine, taking the moniker Firefox, fell in with a local crime boss helping him eliminate rivals and rob banks in return for a new identity. When the crime boss was raided by the Venezuelan National Police Jasmine fled again to the US. She turned to robbing jewelry stores but never harmed civilians. Firefox fought both heroes who tried to arrest her and villains when they tried to recruit her. Presently she still operates within the US robbing jewelry stores and avoiding heroes. Firefox can generate a chemical fueled energy from her hands which she uses to shoot blasts, melt objects, and fly. She is learning to adjust the chemical composition of her energy for different effects.