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Aubrey Holland was a typical Kentucky grad student doing an online MBA and working at a local boutique when her life changed. She met a mild mannered man named Steven and was swept off her feet. They dated for a few months and then married. Little did she know the man she fell in love with was wanted by the Chicago Garconi Mob family for turning states evidence against the family. Steven was in the witness protection program and when photos of their wedding went online the Garconi family found him. A hit squad was sent to eliminate him but he fled before they arrived. He did not warn Aubrey and she was taken captive when she got home from work. She was taken to Chicago and psychologically tortured for months. Aubrey finally snapped when Garconi men dropped Stevens head in her cell. Aubreys GorWol trait manifested and she found herself possessing tremendous psionic powers. She ripped the door off the hinges from her cell and started killing any mob soldiers she came across. She spent the next week killing off every member of the Garconi family she could find. This brought her to the attention of the ISF and she fought Gravenger and Thebe. They barely defeated her and she fled. Taking the moniker of Domina, mistress of the mental arts Aubrey has tremendous psionic powers of telekinesis and psionkinesis. Her psionkinesis allows her to attack minds with psionic energy, control minds, alter thoughts, change memories, and induce fears. This occurs easier with weak willed individuals as opposed to strong willed individuals. Her telekinesis allows her to make protective shields, fly, move objects, control opponents bodies, and shoot telekinetic force bolts. Presently she is keeping under the radar to avoid detection from Dr. Dimento.