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Torkel Valborg was a new Fireman working in the Swedish city of Gothenburg when his GorWol trait manifested. He was always taller, stronger, faster than most boys growing up but he thought nothing of it. One day when responding to an apartment fire Torkel was trapped behind burning rubble with some children. Fearing the worst, Torkel tried to lift a burning timber with all of his might to escape with the kids. His Biokinesis trait manifested and he threw the timber through a wall to the outside which created an escape route. After the fire was over and he was recognized as a local hero, Torkel began testing himself to gauge his new found abilities. Deciding he should use his new found powers for good he began adventuring as a vigilante. Exploits of a tall, strong, invincible hero running around Scandanavia brought him to the attention of Beacon who sent Power Stryke to recruit him. He is currently the muscle on ISF Team ALPHA. Mythic is a biokinetic. His body is super strong and durable. His durability is not on par with Bronco Billy or even close to Caracarcol but he can withstand low level kinetic trauma (bullets, bats etc). He can lift up to 35 tons and his legs are strong enough to leap up to 150 feet. He has chain mail hauberk made of fused osmium and a Viking style shield reinforced with osmium which boosts his durability on par with Bronco Billy. His War-hammer is fused osmium and can shatter or dent most objects. He is a good outdoors man and is becoming an avid reader of Viking history to better suit his hero image and to impress Feymage, his fiance.