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Kuk Chuwon was born in Chongjin Political Prison Camp in North Korea. Both of his parents were prisoners who were allowed to spend a few nights together for good work behavior and turning other prisoners in for minor camp violations. Chuwon was condemned to spend his whole life at Chongjin prison under the three generation prison rule for his maternal grandfathers listening to BBC over a pirate radio. Chuwon had a harsh early life, struggling to catch enough rats and frogs to supplement his meagre diet of corn and cabbage gruel. At the age of seven he started working the agricultural fields in the summer and the mines in the winter. At the age of 10 he told the camp prison guards his parents once spoke about escaping the prison. Thinking he did his patriotic duty after being told he would get extra rations Chuwon was instead tortured after the Camp Commander believed Chuwon was part of the escape attempt. After being tortured for a few days Chuwon saw his parents executed based on the information he provided. Chuwon shed a tear at the sight of his parents dead bodies and was subjected to more extreme tortures that would have killed other boys. Chuwon spent 10 additional years at Chongjin Prison Camp enduring painful tortures. His only friend was an old NK University Professor imprisoned for having a hidden copy of Romeo and Juliet. The Professor educated Chuwon constantly, teaching him basic math, science, English, Mandarin, history and geography. After the Professor died Chuwon was transferred to the notorious Camp 22 at Hoeryong, where he was poked and prodded by NK scientists. They believed he was a meta human and inflicted additional pain on his body to get his GorWol trait to manifest. Nothing seemed to work. Planning to escape with another prisoner Chuwon was caught in some barbed wire with Prison Guards coming after him. Fearing capture, torture or even death his GorWol trait fully manifested and Chuwon defeated the guards with thermal energy blasts and escaped. He made his way into China and then into South Korea. He was approached by agents of the South Korean National Intelligence Service recruiting him as a weapon against North Korea. He accepted their proposal and spent time training with the 707th White Tiger Battalion. He took the name Hwarang after the stories the old Professor used to tell him about ancient Korean Empires. He now lives for revenge against the North Korean Regime. Hwarang is an ergokinetic. He can discharge a red hued energy from his hands and eyes. His ergokinesis allows him to absorb other forms of energy and channel it back out, replenish his reserves, heal him from wounds or harmlessly dissipate it. He can also fly and his limited resistance. Hwarang also heals 10 times faster than a normal human. Now that he is free Chuwon spends time experiencing life to the fullest and brooding over extracting revenge on the north.