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Lt. CDR Tyrell Reynolds was an Annapolis graduate and Navy Fighter Pilot who was picked to participate in the NASA space program. He trained for over a year with his other fellow astronauts for a mission to fix several US satellites in orbit over the earth. On the day of the space launch Dark Cabal members Darkwitch, Warhead and WARBOT attacked the launch site determined to stop the launch and space mission. NASA launched the space shuttle as ISF members Stormdancer and Skyhunter fought the villains and protected the launch site. WARBOT managed to break though the defenses and launched a HE missile at the speeding space shuttle striking it just as it was about to exit the atmosphere. NASA feared the worst as the shuttle and all the crew exploded in a big ball of fire. However inside the shuttle Lt. CDR Reynolds’ GorWol trait manifested and he managed to escape with the crew in a cosmic energy shield he created. The entire US watched the events unfold on live TV and Tyrell became an instant hero. The DOD decided to exploit this an approached Lt. CDR Reynolds before the ISF recruited him. Spending time learning how to use his powers he was finally unveiled as Agent American Star, the meta human defender of the US. American Star has cosmic based ergokinesis. He can fly, generate a protective force field around himself and others, discharge energy blasts from his hands and eyes, has superhuman strength (15 ton range) and limited durability.