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Kay lived a relatively quiet life as an auto shop accountant north of the Adirondacks in New York. In her early 40s she got sick and was told by doctors she had terminal cancer. Travelling back from a chemo treatment with her daughter and grandson she was lost in thought and did not notice the meta villain Gog battling members of the American Watch alongside the St. Lawrence Seaway. Gog was able to grab Kay’s car and lift it up to hurl at the heroes. When Gog lifted the car up Kay and her daughter fell out but her grandson was still trapped in his car seat. Gog threw the car but Illuminator managed to catch the vehicle using his photokinetic powers. Gog however grabbed Kay’s daughter as a hostage to get away. The stress of seeing her family harmed caused Kay’s GorWol trait to manifest. Without thinking Kay summoned winds to separate her daughter from Gog and threw chunks of earth at Gog slamming him down. Unprepared for this new assault Gog teleported away and Kay fell into a coma. Recovering in the ISF’s medical wing Kay learned she was a meta human and received a vision from Fey beings of the Other Realm. They informed her that she was their chosen Jogah on earth and she did not have with cancer but that her GorWol trait was trying to manifest which misled human doctors. Kay took the name Northern Spirit in honor of her native heritage and joined the American Watch. Northern Spirit possesses the ability to control and shape the mystic elements of nature; earth, fire, air and water. She has limited geokinesis, pyrokinesis, aerokinesis and hydrokinesis and can control those elements around her. She can use her powers to fly, generate strong winds, call and direct lightning in storms, move water in the air, travel along a water wave, hurl boulders and rocks and control any existing fire source.