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Jessica Loren Wiggins was your typical housewife outside of Denver, Colorado raising three kids while her real estate broker husband worked. One night while out on a date with her husband Darren, their vehicle was hit by a drunk driver and Darren perished in the accident. The trauma of the accident triggered her GorWol trait yet Jessica did not know it at the time. After dropping the kids off at school, Jessica went to a rarely used running trail to be alone. Frustrated over the death of her husband Jessica started jogging faster and faster and faster until she found herself surrounded by a blue energy and flying over the trees. When she finally stopped a few minutes later she found out she was just north of Casper, Wyoming. Stunned at what she had accomplished, Jessica hurried home before her kids got out from school. Practicing with her powers everyday for a month Jessica increased her abilities and her speed. Eventually she was found by the ISF and given training. They even provided her with a friction-less suit and helmet to assist her with control while in flight. Taking the name Kinetica she accepted ISF associate membership which provided enough money to pay her bills. Everyday she drops her kids off at school then patrols the Midwest until her kids are let out. Kinetica possess a form of Kinetikinesis; she can generate a kinetic field of unknown energy around herself which absorbs all kinetic energy directed against her. While encased in the kinetic field it is nearly impossible to hurt her, and she bounces harmlessly from object to object, with minimal loss of momentum. She can absorb outside kinetic impact into her own energy supply and then re-channel it to increase the bludgeoning power of her blows or create explosive shock waves upon impact. She has learned to channel the stored up kinetic energy from her shield into an energy blast she can aim at targets. Her kinetic field also provides her with the power of flight. She can fly at transonic speeds (MACH 1.5) but needs a breathing apparatus. Her suit is padded and reinforced to protect her while in flight and while bouncing around.